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Aug 4, 2020 4:21:20 PM
Exaptive Launches Partnership with humanITsync

Oklahoma City, OK, August 4, 2020 - Exaptive, Inc. has announced today that they have formed a collaborative partnership with Denmark based humanITsync ApS. This partnership provides collective intelligence services globally for both industry and non-profit clients. Working together, the teams are able to provide services that meet the growing need for richer collaboration experiences (also remotely) and the increasing demand for organizations to navigate complexity and innovate.

Through this partnership, clients will be able to share knowledge and ideas at scale to deliver strategic outcomes. The combination of Exaptive’s network collaboration technology with humanITsync’s exaptive consulting practices facilitates collisions or sparks between diverse perspectives to create a shared sense of reality and vision for the future, along with coherent ideas for how to close the gap between the two. 

“Our partnership with Exaptive will create opportunities for teams to collaborate efficiently in group settings and individuals to contribute asynchronously. Users will be able to share their sensemaking and capture the requisite variety of insight needed to navigate non-linear contexts, even when the team cannot be physically together. Teams will be able to generate thorough knowledge and idea exchange, while staying focused on executing towards the vision,” said Sarah Freiesleben, Founder and CEO of humanITsync ApS 

“The partnership is the first of its kind for Exaptive, which will be used to potentially create a roadmap for other partnerships in the future. The overarching goal for this partnership, as well as any in the future, would be to model an organization within the cognitive city, then facilitate discussion and ideation based on what that cognitive city illuminates.We are excited to partner with humanITsync,” said David King, Founder & CEO of Exaptive, Inc. “As a software engineer, my passion is to augment the human experience through designing network ecosystems. But technology does not replace the need for human collaboration. Bringing collaborators with a mix of shared and unique perspectives together is a formula for exaptation. We built the Cognitive City® platform to bring together people, data, and analysis tools to do just that. And we need consultants who value context to facilitate this work.”


About Exaptive Inc

Founded on the belief that radical innovation can be facilitated, Exaptive, Inc. uses technology to assemble collaborators with a complementary mix of shared and unique perspectives and connect them to knowledge assets that can lead to the interdisciplinary ah-ha moments known as exaptations. Through its software platform, the Cognitive City, people, data, and analysis tools are linked together within an online virtual environment optimized for solving complex data-intensive challenges. Founded in 2011 in Boston, Exaptive is now based in Oklahoma City, and is led by David King.


About humanITsync

Founded in 2019, humanITsync offers collective intelligence solutions to assist companies with navigating complexity, transformation, and innovation. In 2020, inspired by the Cynefin Framework, it coined the term “exaptive practice consulting” and initiated a partnership network of complexity thinkers working in this space. humanITsync is the pilot authorized partner of Exaptive, Inc., and will co-design an authorized Exaptive partner program. Sarah Freiesleben is the sole proprietor of humanITsync, based in Copenhagen, Denmark and works collaboratively with partners around the world.