Create clarity and alignment within complex situations

The Exaptive Studio helps you model, visualize, cluster, optimize, and simplify your spreadsheets of connected people and information with online tools set up in minutes.

Exaptive Studio

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Quickly tame complexity by building a model of the problem you’re working on individually or as a team. Easily validate and adapt your model as you add data, visually explore, and use it to answer specific questions and illuminate information hidden in the connections of your network. Share new perspectives publicly by putting network maps onto your website.

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What is it?

The Exaptive Studio is software to help individuals and teams figure out what’s what, who’s who, and how they’re connected so complex problems can be broken down and codified into a system where visual exploration and data science tools can be used to quickly answer questions that used to be challenging.

Who is it for?

Teams of 1-4 people who need to answer questions about their network and build a shared understanding of the situation so they can efficiently answer complicated questions.

Innovation Professionals
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Portfolio Managers
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Community Coordinators
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What makes it different?

  • It’s a complete end-to-end set of capabilities that are integrated seamlessly. Many other solutions only have a partial set of capabilities.
  • It has higher performance across more situations than systems using graph database only.
  • It has unique search capabilities allowing you to configure specific relations that are useful to your situation to show up in the results.
  • It’s designed to help you figure out if and how machine intelligence can augment your knowledge rather than force you to adopt it in every situation.
  • There is an innovation management subject matter expert led training for one hour every day with no scheduling required.

Implementation Path

Set up a half hour demo to learn how the Studio can save you from spending time and energy using spreadsheets and inflexible tools to work with complex data.

If you like the Studio demo, spend an hour with one of our experts setting your Studio up with some of the things you’re thinking about. By the end of the session you’ll see how the Studio helps you codify your understanding with real data. Use the Studio on your own or as a team and leverage the data science capabilities within to augment your understanding of your situation.

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For $99/month per user you can use all of the Studio’s capabilities.
At 5 users your license qualifies to automatically convert to a Cognitive City.
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