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Exaptive's software makes it cheap, fast, and easy for anyone to combine the same basic graph, data science, and social science capabilities that have repeatedly helped our customers make breakthroughs.


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Exaptive Studio
No-code tools to implement data science and social science capabilities in making breakthroughs in understanding.
  • Model people, resources, and relationships as a network
  • Import data from spreadsheets or enter it directly
  • Create and share interactive network maps, crosstabs, and customized perspectives
  • Explore connections hidden within bios, narratives, and descriptions
  • Define problems and find optimal sets of people or resources to solve them
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Exaptive Cognitive City®
No-Code tools for people with common goals to create new connections as they engage with shared knowledge and each other.
  • Create and collect knowledge in a managed environment
  • Foster and implement collaborative activities within the community
  • Organize, manage, and enhance information being created by the community
  • Immediately re-evaluate opportunities when new people and information are updated
  • Monitor and measure new connections and information being created

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Surfacing non-obvious connections to increase reuse and reduce duplicative work
Climate KIC
Ecosystem wide transparency, operational restructuring, and sensical decision making
Reproducing team dynamics in a network based virtual environment

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