climate and health research
climate and health research

Exaptive ensures health and climate researchers don’t waste knowledge or expertise.

If you’re part of a diverse research community, our software helps you build great teams and realize big ideas.

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Finding Hidden Resources in Public Health Research

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation brings together a global, multi-disciplinary community of experts working to solve the toughest public health challenges, like COVID, malaria, and malnutrition. The know-how, the data, and the funding are there, but working in concert is easier said than done.

With Exaptive software, the Gates Foundation made its research portfolio searchable. A team tackling Dengue fever was missing relevant techniques to borrow from malaria researchers. With our software, they identified underutilized resources and redirected funding.

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Avoiding Redundancy, Maximizing Expertise in Climate Science

The European Union has organized a collaborative community of climate researchers, policymakers, and technologists, known as EU Climate-KIC. The goal is to protect our planet from global warming. The challenge is complex and interdisciplinary.

Climate-KIC is using Exaptive software to manage its portfolio of team projects across borders, measuring how funding produces results. They have to work quickly to address climate change. When the pandemic hit, Climate-KIC used Exaptive software to find virtual event managers in its community and recruit them. They activated their research community remotely, sparking collaborations on recycling, composting, and clean energy. Climate-KIC did not have to cancel or delay a single event.

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Accelerating Knowledge Sharing in Epidemiology

The Infectious Disease Data Observatory (IDDO) has collected 85% of the world’s malaria research. They essentially hold the keys to a cure. But all that research wasn’t visible or usable, and IDDO was on the precipice of losing funding because of it.

With Exaptive software, IDDO transformed its data store into a library it can search and share quickly. An entire community of multi-disciplinary knowledge was isolated. Now that community is sharing and building off of each other.

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