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Working to bridge the gap between subject matter experts and data science?
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Exaptive tools enable researchers, analysts, and data scientists to garner insights faster and collaborate more productively.
Data Application Studio
Data scientists and partial-stack developers can create data-rich web applications that let your team explore, collaborate, and act on your data. Low on code. High on reuse and creativity.
Cognitive City
Research development professionals and innovation managers can build communities around shared data, cross-disciplinary expertise, and collaborative potential.
Xap Store
Researchers and analysts can find relevant and impactful insights with our ready-to-go Exaptive applications (“Xaps”).
See how Exaptive has helped generate new ideas to drive your research and analyses forward
exaptive data application for research
Interactive Knowledge Map
Cohen Veterans Bioscience streamlines development of diagnostic tests and personalized therapeutics for people suffering from traumatic brain injury.

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exaptive healthcare data application
A "digital Scholar Lab" for the Digital Humanities
A “Digital Scholar Lab” for Digital Humanities; While higher education researchers in the Humanities have access to a wealth of content, sometimes they need help programming and coding so they can analyze that textual data to its fullest potential.

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exaptive healthcare R&D data application
Advanced Analytics
When you’re a non-profit trying to tackle some of the world’s most entrenched, but solvable, health, education, or development problems, stopping to build analytical tools is out of the question.

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exaptive content search data application
Interactive Network Maps
The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, a collaboration between Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, was determined to be a “Center without Walls.”

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