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Terri Gilbert

Terri Gilbert

Enthusiastic and effective scientific educator with +15 years experience and a proven record of building excellent working relationships cross-teams and with external collaborators. Talented public-speaker providing trainings to groups ranging from 40-300 people with diverse background disciplines. Technically savvy with the ability to quickly learn new tools and applications and to deliver trainings in a clear, concise and highly-comprehensive manner. Highly organized with the ability to manage multiple projects through completion under strict deadlines. Enjoys creating environments (both online and live) in which people experience being connected to what matters most to them.
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Innovating With The Team You've Got

You can find all sorts of “how to” treatises on assembling a team built for innovation, and they all include some subset of the following concepts - bring in experts, make sure they are diverse, have wide-ranging skillsets and have them be people who aren’t afraid to buck the system or go against the flow. Then don’t distract them with mundane tasks and give them enough time and money to actually accomplish their innovation mandate.

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