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Research Development Professionals

No one knows the shifting markers of success for grant-funded research better than Research Development Professionals. One thing has been consistent: organizations that bring in more grants get to perform more competitive research. Cognitive City visualizations have been used to convey how the expertise of transdisciplinary teams satisfy the requirements of multi-million-dollar grant opportunities. The researchers on those teams get to find new methods to apply in their domain, and keep moving science forward in their fields.

R&D Managers

Improving a team’s ideation, productivity, and knowledge transfer can feel like an impossible challenge. It’s hard enough to work on any one of those goals, let alone all three at once. R&D Managers have used Exaptive’s Cognitive City to connect the right team members for collaboration around the right tools. This catalyzes rapid iteration prototyping within the platform and collective understanding. The team generates more ideas, can analyze and test those ideas more quickly, and share their ideas and prototypes in a scalable way.

Innovation Managers

Organizations that deploy interventions to resolve crises need to be as innovative and efficient as possible to have impact. Innovation Managers have used the Cognitive City platform to connect stakeholders with scientists via the translators who can communicate with both. They’ve used custom data applications to find insights about how to best identify, treat, and prevent disease. Tools in the Cognitive City support the exploration of big data -- with context -- so Innovation Managers know where to apply resources to do the most good.

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