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Release Notes



This week we continued removing cnapi1 code from application and are close to wrapping it up. We’ve also continued working on minor improvements and bug fixes as we move into prototyping the next form iteration.

  • Javascript Carrot workers stop accepting new jobs
  • refactorGraph only does 1000 elements
  • add ui representation of multi-selected terms/docs
  • fulltext annotations block clicks on docs
  • Move Viewer into Cognitive City
  • Restrict cityFeatures.xvExport values to boolean or an array with at least one value
  • S3 Bucket and access for radx documents
  • [High Priority] Ability to configure XV export by city
  • Ignore email case when claiming a user element
  • CNAPI2 optimization: sync outside of writelock
Technical Debt
  • Remove isNext from Admin > City Users
  • Remove isNext from Tools, Welcome, Settings
  • Remove isNext from Admin >Customize
  • Remove isNext from Admin >Settings
  • Remove isNext from Form, Landing, and SearchResults



This week we continued removing cnapi1 code from application and doing minor improvement and bug fix work as design continues on the next form iteration.

  • New cities have misconfigured collaboration requests by default
  • page not secure warning appears in covid city
  • Cities not loading
  • update pendo code in XV to make sure it's reporting the correct account ID and other pendo related fixes in XV
  • XV: Second variable in pattern isn't underscored
  • CNAPI2 view job status never completes
  • Disconnect parameterized form field choices when no longer available
  • lasso selection
  • CNAPI2 hack: temporary turn off all autorecomputes for shad city
DevOps Task
  • Fix publishing for exaptive styleguide
  • Increase number of JavaScript workers
Technical Debt
  • Remove Attribute forms
  • Remove isNext from Admin > Views, Schema, Suggestions
  • Cognitive-city dependency bump pass
  • Move stable e2e-cnapi2 tests to cypress



This week we continued removing cnapi1 code from application and doing minor improvement and bug fix work as design continues on the next form iteration.

  • Grid/Matrix form styling problem
  • users are able to leave the profile page without being alerted if they haven't saved
  • Runtime compute "Job not found" error
  • fix bootstrap list item borders
  • Add more/better logging around element deletion
  • document searchOptions in postman (Split from CCORE-3858)
  • UX for Element property uniqueness constraints
  • CNAPI2 Support sorting in listElements, listConnections
  • improvement: Update Profile button visibility/noticeability
  • Ability to configure form fields as read-only
Technical Debt
  • Remove isNext from Admin > Forms



With migrations to CNAPI2 complete, CNAPI1 resources have been turned off and we’ve begun removing CNAPI1 specific code from the full application stack. In addition to now being able to style connections in the exploratory viewer, we’ve continued to fix bugs and improve overall application stability.

  • Mysterious Neo4j errors: Message 'COMMIT' cannot be handled by a session in the READY state.
  • fix connection lookups in viewer
  • Batch legacy view compute requests
  • Styling connections in the viewer
  • Selecting a Term should Select a Term
  • Multi-select Terms
Technical Debt
  • Structured logging
  • Remove form isNext switches cnapi1 code from cognitive-city
  • Grid Element Tests
DevOps Task
  • Fix nginx reload issues in mailhog role
  • CNAPI RC deploy followup cleanup
  • Backup Cnapi1 data to retain for a while
  • Terminate CNAPI1
  • Terminate Kafka and Zookeeper instances
  • Clean up Jenkins to remove any reference to cnapi1



A new Grid form field type has been released and field choices can now be reactive to the current state of the form. And as always, we’ve continued to fix bugs and improve overall application stability.

  • XV users keep needing to clear cache / hard reload
  • city subdomain and city name must match [Bug Ticket]
  • Write lock not released again
  • Fix aux data bug for compare scope
  • Can't increase font size without losing color [Bug Ticket]
  • saved/shared views not returning correct network
  • Performance regression when loading a large number of autocomplete choices
  • Filter panel no longer visible on card galleries with type filters [Feedback Ticket]
  • Pattern UI support for connection selectors
  • More Intuitive Search Flow
  • Grid Form Field Type
  • Parameterized Query Form Field source type
  • Default newly created cities to be cnapi2 (usenext is true in config)
  • Pull out generic loadChoices method for use in any form type
  • Convert ElementAutocomplete over to a functional component
  • Termscape: integrate with elastic search for doc highlighting
  • element pages show better info by default (when not configured)
  • Card Gallery: Hide filter panel when there aren't any filters
QA Task
  • Move stable e2e-cognitive tests to cypress
DevOps Task
  • Fix kaboom cnapi2 migrate/seed order
  • Install Graph analytics plugin on neo4j cluster
  • Housekeeping for Neo4j backups
  • CCORE-3612: Clean up deploy process to remove any reference to cnapi1



Focused primarily this week on form improvements and allowing more interactions with connection properties throughout the city. In addition, more overall stability and search improvements have gone out.

  • Inline connection editor still shows a dropdown when in 'displayOnly' mode
  • Complete details from the search improvements ticket (CCORE-3720)
  • Support image, imageChoice and connectionList UI on element page
  • Clicking '+' shouldn't toggle the inputs
  • connectionList: expose an edge property
  • Add option to not show modal on element creation
  • Use Non editable autogenerated form in element page
  • New URL form field type
  • need to be able to see how users are connected to elements on overlap pages
  • EditConnections UI doesn't show default until you visit the form again
QA Task/Technical Debt
  • Move stable e2e-visual tests to cypress
  • Implement Visual diff test in cypress
  • Search Operation restrictions
DevOps Task
  • Tweak neo4j server settings


  • Profile Page Still Requires "is" Connection
  • Termscape: Selecting a term from the search dropdown can crash
  • Prepare Neo4j POC cluster for production
  • hideTerms option which works like hideDocs
  • pulling in “Research Paper Source” for each document
  • use mapped value for label
  • toggle color and icon
  • CNAPI2 Design and implement view recompute hooks
  • Add pipeline service tests to cnapi2
  • Covid-19 Termscape: more relationships
  • Gender-lens termscape demo setup
  • Close dropdowns on background click on the profile page
  • Add detail panel for edges in XV
  • New tag or list connection display option for ConnectionList
  • Hard fork CNAPI1 centric "PortalForm" code
  • Generalize Termscape Viz to not distinguish terms/docs
  • Compress termscape results
  • Hide point placeholder when rendering label on hover
  • Termscape doc icons are too small until the first mouse scroll event
  • Termscape: document icons are too large and distorted
  • Termscape: make tokenization pattern configurable
QA Task/Technical Debt
  • Move stable acceptance tests to Cypress
  • API keys need to be city-restrictable
DevOps Task
  • Move cognitive-city-embedded-apps out of prod-network
  • Move public S3 hosting terraform files to a reusable module


  • Update keys in Postman Collection Defaults that are not allowed
  • categories on tools page overrunning eachother
  • no padding on a modal
  • Form Redirects Improperly Trigger Unsaved Data Message
  • the multiple and required options on the params in xv pattern query editor don't do anything
  • collaboration request replies not working when person is authenticated with google
  • Form Error Broke UI (could not edit form to fix error)
  • can't edit dataset i created on covid-19 homepage - sent to wrong URL
  • on hiding a 3rd node in xv it won't let me
  • Terms appear clickable in detail panel
  • Automatic view recompute bug
  • Recompute views when related elements update
  • Improve search
  • Load balance requests
  • Add New Relic monitoring
  • Ship logs to aggregator
  • Prod data migration
  • Deploy with new endpoints
  • Sundown Graphene instance
  • ImageChoice connection form field type supporting multiple selection
  • Termscape Improvements
  • Change Facebook pixel
  • Set encryption state of connecting applications.
  • Termscape Firefox Compatibility
  • Ability to add multiple elements at once with a specific connectionType
  • Move input below list, with scroll-into-view property
  • Clicking 'none' on profile opens the add link
DevOps/Technical Debt Task
  • Embedded Xap CORS error
  • cognitive-city CRA bump to 3.4.1 and other dependency bumps
  • Upgrade Cypress version


  • CNAPI2 suggestion worker StreamLostError when running climate-kic user2user
  • CNAPI2 server crash can leave a city/namespace permanently locked
  • Saved xv views can be overwritten by other users via the shared link
  • Update Create Termscape Config to avoid Music City error
  • border size and color settings are broken in xv
  • seems like uniqueness isn't being enforced
  • Pipeline job service
  • ImageChoice form field type for connections
  • Implement backup restore plan
  • Add global site maintenance page Remove production deploy from RC along with associated tests
  • Global site maintenance page UI/Design
  • Enable pipeline jobtype for carrot workers in exaptive-deploy
  • Suggestion workers are broken when connecting to Neo4j Version4
  • Update goldilocks suggestion workers to use CNAPI2 for queries
  • Speed up termscape job
  • Put more general termscape speedup fix in github version
  • Fix broken search test
  • Add Pipeline to exaptive-client
  • Don’t close form modals on background click
  • Error message for a disabled user sign-up is mysterious
  • XV support filtering by connection type / connection properties
  • XV parameters through URL
  • Fix new arpack termscape error on music city
DevOps Task
  • Setup terraform workspaces for the Neo4J cluster
  • Remove neo4j cluster from prod-network stack
Technical Debt
  • switch carrot-workers to use github termscape module


  • Forms that rely on default 'is' connection without a schema object fail to process
  • tags overlap on tools page
  • Termscape - query param not working
  • Saving XV view with params
  • Saved Views "All" filter not working
  • fix viewSlug param usage
  • ImageChoice form field type for element properties
  • Expose user element data in markdown detail panel content
  • CNAPI2 Termscape Service
  • CNAPI2 Termscape Worker
  • viewer service for rendering views saved in the exploratory viewer
  • Load APOC plugin on all cluster cores
  • Update termscape-viewer to work with CNAPI2 termscape service
  • exaptive-client update for termscape service
  • Bump exaptive client in cognitive-city for termscape-viewer
  • Update exaptive-deploy for termscape carrot job
  • pass location information to plugins
  • Termscape Improvements
  • Test termscape worker and viewer with 30k documents
  • Configure onboarding "Continue to homepage" button
  • Detail panel sorting improvement
  • Bug? Friendly Error for private users trying to connect
  • Include dataFilter in view config JSON editor
  • Get pendo tracking working in plugins
  • Add more progress and log info to termscape worker
  • XV search box not populating with choices after pasting into it
  • Harden termscape worker
  • Retrieve more documents at once for termscape
  • Cleanup multiline log to sumo from termscape worker
DevOps Task
  • Ability to install private libraries for python projects
  • Remove prod MySQL cluster for Termscape until it is needed


  • Updating an elementType not reprocessing forms
  • New CNAPI2 Cities' Forms Break Without "is"
  • Mobile/ Responsive screen avatar icon does not display user's actual icon
  • Views: Rectangular Icons Display Incorrectly in Detail Panels
  • Remove excess padding on network view
  • Add Exaptive's Facebook tracking pixel
  • Retain "From" redirect information when logging in via an oidc provider
  • User-friendly form submission errors
  • Guard Against overwrites
  • Allow more condition expressions in handlebars templates
  • Allow 'direct' iframe embedding of react app plugins on the homepage
  • Legacy View Worker: Filter element types and connection types using the view config whitelist
  • CNAPI2: Allow whitelist filter in view config
DevOps Task
  • Add cnapi2 document command to devscripts and kaboom
  • Production MySQL database for termscape