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Exploratory Viewer
Exaptive Studio
Tools for Individuals
  • Model systems and import data
  • Visualize and share network perspectives
  • Analyze and adjust your model with data science tools
  • Seamlessly upgrade to a Cognitive City
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Exploratory Viewer
Exaptive Cognitive City®
Enterprise Tools to Engage Teams and Communities
  • Organize people and align goals
  • Implement activities and create synergies
  • Measure engagement and improve systems
  • Exaptive Studio and Community Admin capabilities included (1 user)
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Exaptive Studio
Cognitive City
Model Builder
  • Create network elements and rich connections
  • Define the data and data types you need
  • Manage how data is entered
  • Enable specific search patterns
Data Curator
  • Add, edit, delete individual elements and connections
  • Clean up the data
Data Import
  • Map data in spreadsheets to your model
  • Import bulk elements and connections
Exploratory Viewer
  • Create custom network maps
  • Query for specific patterns
  • View connected data as tables/crosstabs
  • Publish views for sharing
Faceted Search
  • Search for specific elements
  • Find elements that match specific patterns
  • Explore related elements as you search
  • Cluster elements using unstructured text
  • Create visual maps of unstructured text
  • Optimize things like teams, projects, portfolios
  • Multi-match optimization (e.g., best 5 teams of 5 people)
  • Optimize for things like diversity and direction
Configure Branding
  • Your logo in the page header
  • Your logo on the login page
  • Your text on the login page
Control Access
  • Control by user’s email domain
  • Invite specific users
Configure User Roles
  • Define who is an administrator
Configure User Onboarding
  • Create a custom experience to welcome new users and collect required information
Configure User Homepage
  • Control which elements users see on their homepage
Share Views Publicly
Embed Views on Your Web Site
Add 3rd Party Authentication
  • e.g., allow login via Google, Facebook, GitHub, Microsoft, etc.

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