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Climate innovators using Exaptive software for Human Resources Management

The European Union’s climate innovation hub was struggling to organize international teams to maximize progress and use of limited resources. They knew there were skill gaps and missed opportunities for productive collaboration and exchange of information. Using Exaptive software they identified the skill gaps, realigned their teams purposefully, and found the most useful opportunities for professional development.

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Human Resources Management

How Exaptive software helps public health researchers cross-pollinate

Adjacent research teams were trying to eradicate two different mosquito-born illnesses. Despite working at the same public health NGO, they didn’t know they were exploring overlapping methodologies. Exaptive software extracted concepts from the NGO’s body of work and connected these two teams so they could share knowledge.

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Public Health Researchers

How Exaptive software boosts human collaboration in public health research

The world’s most complex challenges, like global public health, require collaboration on an impressive scale. Meanwhile, the world is becoming increasingly specialized. Exaptive software is built to enable collaboration at a large scale with intention - mining data about a research community and matching researchers with useful new perspectives and interdisciplinary collaborators.

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