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"Being able to visualize the people, projects and how they are all connected is critical for us. That's because we need interdisciplinary scientists and stakeholders to solve the highly complex challenges associated with climate change."

- Michelle Zucker, Director of Community Management at EU Climate KIC

Find the gaps in your data

Understand your community’s past by processing legacy data, e.g. analyzing years of projects to find gaps in research.

Gather and shepherd new ideas with data that usually gets lost, e.g. track projects and their progress to make successes and interim failures visible and useful.

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Find the good stuff

Traverse data visualizations of your community to find key expertise and resources, e.g. finding junior climate researchers looking for collaborators or searching by location to find infectious disease experts.

Use “wide-angle” text search to find the data you want and the unknown unknowns, e.g. find research on dengue fever and get useful techniques from studies on other diseases spread by mosquitoes.

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Get a hand from artificial intelligence

Get collaboration recommendations tuned to provide important perspective, e.g. recommend collaborators with diverse perspective that is missing from your team.

Match users with characteristics optimized for creativity and productivity, e.g. group multidisciplinary researchers from multiple campuses by their interests and identities.

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