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Jul 23, 2019 3:57:31 PM
Feature Release Notes - July 2019

Improved Cognitive City Admin Experience: Creating Forms

Users can now easily generate content by adding items to their city. A new City Admin tool allows admins to survey users and populate the innovation platform with user-reported data. Any concept that was previously difficult to capture in your organization (especially dark variables like new ideas, hidden skills, etc.) can now be captured by members of your community.


Improved Cognitive City User Experience

Did you notice colors were showing up as black when you viewed the City in Firefox recently? We fixed it!


We also added ‘Home’ to the navigation menu so users have a clear path for returning to the default landing page.


Users can also now update elements in their profile by re-doing onboarding questionnaires.


Improved Mobile Experience

Cognitive City user onboarding is now completely mobile friendly. No more error boxes instead of dropdown menus!

And last but not least, user comparison pages are responsive now! Check back next month for more updates.