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Aug 27, 2019 5:01:16 PM
Feature Release Notes - August 2019

Improved Cognitive City Admin Experience: More Power

Most of our updates this month are about empowering City Admins more. We have a better UI (user interface) for helping admins create forms (surveys ... image below), hiding a user from the public view, order the tools available on the Tools page, and choose a more complete range of colors for styling in the City.

Cognitive City Administrator Survey Form Creator

Admins can also add extra gatekeeping to their City by whitelisting which email domains can create new accounts.

Cognitive City Whitelist Settings

Admins can now choose what kind of suggestions users will see on their homepage. (Are Sparks more important? Opportunities? You decide! Or ask your community and let them tell you.)


Cognitive City Suggestion Configuration

Admins can also now quickly configure which network diagrams are visible on their public links and which are visible only to users who are logged in.

Choosing Which Network Diagrams to Show and Where

Improved User Experience: Better Search

The network diagram search is more intuitive now that we added substring search.

Predictive Text Improved in Search

It’s also easier to find elements in the detail panel because when you hover on them, they will highlight in the network diagram without having to actually select the item in the detail panel.

Hovering in the Detail Panel Highlights in the Network Diagram

Improved Mobile Experience: Tag, You’re It!

We’ve made a few styling tweaks that make it easier to read answer options for form/survey fields and to fix awkward tag wrapping and overlapping some users were experiencing. Make sure to send screenshots of any bugs or styling surprises you find on mobile to!

Miscellaneous Browser-Related Updates

  • It’s official! We don’t support IE (Internet Explorer).
  • Safari users will no longer get panels that disappear when using network diagram filters.
  • When users enter a non-existent City URL, they now see a 404 error message instead of a blank screen.

We always like to hear from our users so we can turn feedback into continuous improvement. Please tell us about bugs you find at and send in feature requests or your experience with the Cognitive City to Thanks so much for using our product!