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Creating a language for educators to audit curriculum

May 24, 2018 - Bucky Dodd and the team at the Institute for Learning Environment Design at the University of Central Oklahoma have developed a way to code curriculum to give educators of all kinds a common language. Bucky presented the concept at the May meetup for Data + Creativity.

Dodd explained how the different portions of curriculum are categorized by icons that represent ‘information,’ ‘dialogue,’ ‘feedback,’ ‘practice,’ and ‘evidence.’ Part of the presentation included a small group activity in which attendees charted a sample curriculum based on a printed narrative. Most people visualized the curriculum with the same categories, but it was entertaining to see where different groups had diverging opinions about whether spoken instruction should be considered ‘information’ or ‘evidence.’

Bucky Dodd

Dodd noted that having the capability to categorize and visualize elements of curriculum have illuminated patterns in successful ways to teach particular subjects (i.e. - it’s important to have a lot of green icons -- or dialogue -- in a foreign language class). Click here to watch the full presentation.

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