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Apr 27, 2020 9:30:47 AM
Contributing to the COVID-19 City

Everyday we are striving towards making a difference with the COVID-19 Cognitive City. Many of you are members of this city, but perhaps are unsure how you can contribute to it and make your own impact on this pandemic. 

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Here are four things you can do right away to make a difference:

Visit and contribute to the new Hubs of Activity view: There are so many different organizations doing so many different things that it becomes hard for people to have a birds-eye-view of who is doing what. To solve that problem within the COVID-19 City, we have created the "Hubs of Activity" view. This view shows the efforts being performed in 6 focus areas: Care, Community, Economy, Diagnostics, Drugs and Vaccines. Currently, most of the resources that have been added thus far are related to Community, which is great, but we also would like to develop a more comprehensive view of what is happening in the other areas. If you have contributions to add to the other focus areas, please contribute them accordingly.

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1 - Pick one of the 6 hubs that you are most interested in

2 - Scour the internet for activities related to that hub

3 - Try to connect resources to other resources so that we can understand what work is building on other work

4 - Review the Hubs of Activity view after you have added resources to see how it has grown (our goal is 100 elements in each hub)

5 - Tell others about this so we can crowdsource the effort

Provide Data: The more data available, the better models we can build about the disease. While the COVID-19 City currently has contributors of data, the need for more data is there. Ideally, the city needs not only more data, but a better understanding of what data individuals have. If you reach out to someone within the city about data and what they have access to, it would be great if you recorded or reported that information back into the city so that it is widely accessible. 

Invite More Members: While the COVID-19 City has over 1500 members, that doesn’t come close to the number of those working on and doing research about this pandemic - meaning there are so many more people out there with access to data that could be useful in the city.  If you know someone who might have access to data, please try to get them into the City to document what they can provide. From there, they can create a “spark” in the city that will invite them to contribute. The more members of the city, the more data and the better collaboration for everyone.

Connect The Dots: Large-scale impact is often achieved by connecting smaller-scale efforts in synergistic ways. The more we can leverage the work of each other the less time wasted reinventing the wheel. Do you have ideas for how to connect efforts together? You can create "sparks" in the city that represent ideas about how different activities might work together, thus connecting the dots.

If you run into any problems trying to do any of these actions, don't hesitate to reach out to us for help. Just click the blue question mark icon in the lower right corner of the cognitive city and you can send us a message.

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