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1 Million Cups Oklahoma City

Exaptive CEO Dave King was happy to be invited to speak at the 1 Million Cups OKC event in January 2016.

“I’ve been really excited to grow my company here. I’ve been really excited to get connected to this entrepreneurial community. And I was really excited when I was invited to give this presentation,” Exaptive CEO Dave King addressed the crowd at DC on Film Row. “Part of that was because I think that the philosophy and the mission behind 1 Million Cups is actually very similar to the philosophy and the mission that has driven me as an entrepreneur and has driven me to start Exaptive.”

Exaptive Founder Dave King

Dave continued, “[Entrepreneurs] can get new perspectives that might help them see their own ventures or their own challenges in new light and they can get some insight. And that’s the piece that’s really important to me, because this idea, this idea of generating an environment that’s about ideas, this is what has really driven me personally and professionally and this is my motivation behind my work as an entrepreneur and the motivation behind Exaptive as a company.”

Watch the full presentation here.