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Exaptive operates on the understanding that great innovations require unconventional thinking and that such thinking can be actively facilitated. We envision a world where collaborative community and boundary crossing are actively supported. So we built the Cognitive City platform to bring together people, data, and analysis tools to do just that.

“At Exaptive, we think less about giving people reports or dashboards, and more about letting them explore a complex data landscape as a collaborative community,” says co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Dave King. “Whether it’s the human genome or it’s the financial markets, people want a different interaction paradigm, to look in different directions and from different perspectives as their minds dictate.”

We got started in 2011 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A small team spent their first few years incubating the platform while generating revenue through services engagements. In 2014, we relocated headquarters to Oklahoma City and raised seed funding. Since then we have proudly grown our revenue, our team, and our impact several times over.

Dave King
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

David King founded Exaptive in 2011 to facilitate hypothesis-generation and innovation using data. Frustrated that discovery was often hindered by software and that discovery often hinged on serendipity, Dave was driven to build a software ecosystem that facilitates unexpected, cross-disciplinary connections and yields more Aha! moments for data scientists, researchers, developers, statisticians, and everyone who needs to make better decisions from data.

A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Dave has spent 15 years working in software development – from system architecture and large-scale database design, to the psychology of user interfaces, to managing software development teams. During 12 years at SynQor, Inc., where he was chief software architect and IT director, he pioneered paperless manufacturing information systems and developed an industry-leading component-level tracking system that received accolades from customers including Cisco Systems, Intel, EMC, Compaq, and Nortel Networks.

Dave has presented about his approach to working with data at software development, Big Data, and life sciences conferences worldwide.

Michael Perez
Co-Founder & Chief Community Officer

Michael Perez uses his skills in business, law, and communications to build, engage, and understand Exaptive’s community of users. As Chief Community Officer, Mike’s role is listening to and learning from the community so that Exaptive is at the forefront of meeting their needs and creating great experiences within the Cognitive Network and Xap Store.

Graduating with distinction from the University of Virginia and cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School, Mike spent more than 10 years as an attorney and public policy advocate. He brings to Exaptive considerable experience in project leadership, strategic planning, coalition building, and communications and a passion for data storytelling and data-driven decision making.

Jeff Johnston
Co-Founder & Design Lead

Jeff Johnston is responsible for what users see, how they interact, and how they experience the Exaptive ecosystem. As Design Lead, he oversees design and development of the Exaptive platform API, SDK, and visualization components. Jeff appreciates elegant software architecture and clean design.

Prior to Exaptive, Jeff successfully launched an independent video game development studio and grew it to 100 employees before it was acquired. The physics engine he developed formed the basis of several generations of the racing game, “Need for Speed.” On leaving the gaming industry, he studied graphic design and spent five years doing freelance computational graphic design work, including data visualization and generative design, before joining Exaptive.

Jeff earned a Design Essentials Certificate from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He previously earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from the University of British Columbia.

Clive Higgins
Chief Operating Officer

Clive Higgins is responsible for the business planning and growth of Exaptive. He brings more than 25 years’ experience in building high-performance sales and marketing teams and accelerating growth in enterprise/scientific software businesses. Prior to joining Exaptive, Clive grew three startups to eight-figure annual revenues and successful acquisition by Fortune 500 companies. This included CambridgeSoft Corp., acquired by PerkinElmer Inc.; Cogenics, acquired by Beckman Coulter Genomics; and VG Instruments, acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Clive’s efforts at Exaptive include developing and positioning value-based solutions from strategic market and customer insights; recruitment and development of highly effective commercial and operational teams; financial and organizational leadership; and maximizing effectiveness and productivity through CRM tools with metric-based activity management. Clive’s passion is growing a company based on delighted customers and seeing the positive impact of delivering value.

In addition to Harvard Business School Executive Education in strategic marketing management and leadership in the 21st century, Clive earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in applied chemistry from Brunel University in London.

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