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Data Application Studio

The Exaptive Studio is for Data scientists and partial-stack developers. You use it to build data applications for end-users who work with data, such as researchers, analysts, and decision-makers.

These end-users all need to collaborate around their data to innovate. They try their best with reports, spreadsheets, and powerpoints. But that’s more show-and-tell than collaboration. A live, data-rich application changes that.

They can explore, collaborate, and act on data from an application the same way consumers do with music playlists or plane tickets. You, the application builder, can get beyond reports and put data and data science in circulation.

The Studio is a low-code development environment. You can repurpose other users' modules in obvious or novel ways. You can reuse your own modules with less customization needed between projects. You build web applications without needing to spin up a web server or be a full-stack developer.