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We are hosting a free half-day conference designed to help understand the landscape of data and analytic tools that have been created in the fight against COVID-19.

During this conference, presentations will highlight the current state of knowledge across the domains listed below and will include facilitated discussions leveraging the data, tools and expertise in the Cognitive City® knowledge graph.


  • Intervention development (i.e. testing, treatment, vaccines)
  • Publications and research articles (i.e. traditional vs pre-publication Rxiv’s)
  • Non-Health impacts (i.e. economic or racial disparities)
  • Data visualization (i.e epidemiology, surveillance, etc)
  • Historical (i.e. trends, timelines, past pandemics)
  • Lightning talks on data (i.e. access, usage, sharing etc)
Each session will also include a short training on how to contribute your thoughts, ideas, and questions to the City’s growing knowledge graph.

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Global Collaboration

In collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation we have launched a COVID-19 Cognitive City®. We're using it as a single place to catalog the tools, datasets, analyses, and articles being generated by the global community about this disease, and using network analytics to drive research collaborations. It's completely open to the public and designed to grow through user contributions. Innovation is not the work of lone geniuses but of connected collaborative networks. Join the COVID-19 network to explore, contribute, and provide feedback, regardless of whether you are a researcher, data-scientist, policy maker, or concerned citizen.

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Dave King explains the reasoning behind Exaptive starting the COVID-19 Cognitive City.

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