Community Building
Covid-19 community

Building any type of community, from local coalitions to global alliances, means managing a lot of things within a dynamic situation and spreadsheets and social network groups are insufficient for the task. They don’t help you see the connections that matter, aren’t designed to solve a specific goal, don’t support all of the required roles, and can’t adapt with progress.

The Cognitive City is built to manage dynamic networks and built to help engage community members in adding to the collective intelligence of the community. It can help you keep the information relevant and the goal up to date as the community progresses and helps people in the community with different roles succeed in their job.

Start by planning out what information is important to the community and test it with real data before inviting people to contribute what they know and need. Give facilitators in the community what they need to help drive productive dialogue, create innovative solutions. At any point in time you can see what people need and figure out how the community can help them.

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