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Exaptive Cities

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Cities are where innovation happens. When you concentrate people and resources so they can intermingle you stack the odds in favor of innovation.

So Exaptive builds virtual ‘cities,’ where community and data come together to spark new ideas. There are three parts to the Exaptive City platform:exaptive cities

Make it your City. Form a City with your research community, company, or team. Use it internally. Embed a City in your website. Demo it at a conference, when your community is primed for impactful collaboration.

Not sure how a city can help?

Take the Cognitive City quiz.

Visual City

Don't miss your full inventory of innovation assets. See all your community's people, technology, and work product.

  • Visualize your entire community across disciplines and work streams.
  • Identify thought leaders and new collaborators.
  • Discover – and share – the potential of your community.
Collaborative City

Don't let powerful cross-disciplinary teams go unrealized. Discover untapped approaches.

  • Connect people based on the compatibility of their work product, not just their job description.
  • Measure collaborative impact and improve future collaboration.
  • Find the collaborative sweet spot between commonality and new perspective.
Cognitive City

Don't let data, tools, and people work in isolation. Connect to generate new perspectives.

  • Mine shared data for opportunities to collaborate.
  • Capture metadata about team activity and data analysis.
  • Bring experts and technologists together through rapid prototyping and iteration of data analysis tools.
What would your network look like?

Use the City Planner to get your Visual City started.

Discover how Data + Creativity collide productively

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