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Shannan Callies

Shannan Callies

Shannan Callies is the Director of Business Development at Exaptive. She genuinely cares about people and you can see that in every aspect of her work. Shannan held many non-profit roles before coming to Exaptive.
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Human Resource Management

Human Resources... HR... Human Capital Management, no matter what you call it, people are the beating heart of any organization.

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Tell your story at all times. When necessary, use words.

In the early 1990s, Burger King began an ad campaign that had a massive impact on consumers, especially in the United States. Anytime I hear the words, “Your way, right away,” I immediately hear the jingle that went along with it. The promise that you could have anything you wished -- and have it immediately -- was adopted in many sectors and pushed as good customer service, whether you’re in Human Resources and your customer is an employee, or you’re in Client Support and your customer is the client.

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