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Sandeep Sikka

Sandeep Sikka

Sandeep is a Data Scientist and Software Engineer with a passion for solving difficult problems through use of data. He has "hands-on" subject matter expertise in Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Cloud Computing. Sandeep focuses on creating opportunities and value proposition by bringing analytics to bear on open questions and by developing software solutions for data driven decision making at scale. He loves to see data being applied in ingenious ways to create new insights.
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Alleviating Uncertainty in Bayesian Inference with MCMC sampling and Metropolis-Hastings

Bayesian inference is a statistical method used to update a prior belief based on new evidence, an extremely useful technique with innumerable applications. Uncertainty about probabilities that are hard to quantify is one of the challenges of Bayesian inference, but there is a solution that is exciting for its cross-disciplinary origins and the elegant chain of ideas of which it is composed.

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