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Jeff Johnston

Jeff Johnston

Jeff is a designer, computational artist, and software architect. He cofounded Black Box Games, later acquired by EA, and built the groundbreaking physics engine for Need for Speed. Since shifting his focus to art, data visualization, and data-oriented architecture, Jeff has had his work featured everywhere from nightclubs to CNN. Check out his work at
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Embracing the Hairball

One of the perennial challenges in visualizing complex networks is dealing with hairballs: how do you draw a network that is so large and densely interconnected that any full rendering of it tends to turn into an inscrutable mess? There are various approaches to addressing this problem: BioFabric, Hive Plots, and many others. Most involve very different visual abstractions for the network.

There is something compelling, however, in seeing the full, messy complexity of a network laid out in one image. Many of the alternate approaches have the disadvantage of being less intuitive. Most people are accustomed to inferring network structure from a collection of dots and lines; not so much from a matrix representation. I wondered if there wasn't a way to retain the immediacy and intuitiveness of, say, a force-directed layout, while somehow ordering it and stretching it out in a way that would give the important elements room to breathe. In this blog post I will describe an effort to find this middle ground.

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