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Alanna Riederer

Alanna Riederer

My background is in math modeling and statistics, skills that I grew through many research projects at UCO while earning my BS in Applied Mathematics. I now work at Exaptive, where I've played roles as a consultant, data scientist, and developer. I'm interested in building user-friendly data applications that change the way people interact with and perceive data. In my free time, I'm either drawing, watching sci fi and fantasy TV shows, or learning to cook.

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Mapping Expertise and Illuminating Dark Assets

At some point in your life, you’ve found yourself describing a project you’ve worked on to a friend. They interject, “I’ve done something similar to this before,” and go on to describe a field or skill you didn’t know they were familiar with. You’ve just uncovered some dark assets about your friend: a set of skills or knowledge that were only discovered due to an accidental trigger.

This can be problematic when it comes to group projects, whether you’re working with an existing team or you’re putting one together. The people and tools available to you are limited to those you are aware of or those cataloged in scattered directories and lists across the internet. There are far more dark assets than known assets.

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