Big Picture Mapping
Make the big picture clear

Seeing the big picture involves knowing the types of things you have, how much of them you have, and how they work together to create the overall system. Word clouds show you what and how much but not how they’re connected, network maps become hairballs of connections impossible to work with, and tables go on forever and don’t give you a sense of the space between things.

The Cognitive City makes it easy to see the big picture by giving you capabilities that work similarly to good mapping software which lets you see coarse detail when zoomed out but when zoomed in really gives you a sense of what a place is like by showing things like borders, business names, available services, and street level views.

In the City, you can zoom into a conceptual space and see the words being used there, and you can see what’s in the same neighborhood by examining how things cluster, and you can look at individual elements to see how they fit into that space and then find the people that can help you work in that area.

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