Rapid Data Application Development

  • In an exploding ecosystem of fragmented tools, Exaptive offers a rapid application development platform that is technology agnostic. You build web applications - we call them 'Xaps' - with modular components from any technology. The Exaptive Studio includes:
    • starter components and preconfigured sets of components
    • new component templates
    • a visual development environment or an API for your preferred IDE 
    You creatively build Xaps without the barriers of specific tools and the speedbumps of having to write glue code. Code reuse is a core feature, not a hope, and the sunk costs of experimentation are low. Deploy Xaps tailored to diverse user experiences and changing specs with faster, more creative development.                          

Code Modularity

The Exaptive Studio enables developers and data scientists to couple back-end, data-access and algorithmic tools with front-end technologies without having to retrofit old code or mess with glue code. You work with a toy box of modular components for rapid software prototyping and iteration, leveraging your expertise to create your own reusable modules when optimal.

Data Interoperability

Exaptive’s unique data model and service-oriented architecture enable Xaps to access multiple data sets and run large processes without requiring data warehousing. Your end-users can explore a seamless data landscape to generate insight faster with fewer resources. 

Community Driven

Quickly find inspiration or get unstuck with suggestions and collaborations facilitated by Exaptive’s Cognitive Network. Take advantage of outside expertise, without having to hire a consultant, with components from the Xap Store. Share or sell your own work, expanding the impact and value of your code.