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Exaptive can build custom data applications for you and in collaboration with you. Our services team of developers and data scientists have backgrounds in life sciences, consumer analytics, and legal data, among other verticals. Their technical expertise include artificial intelligence, text analytics, advanced visualization, user experience design, and enterprise software.

We deliver data analysis and custom data applications that incorporate the interactivity, adaptability, and rapid iteration our platform delivers. Engaging with our services team means you get the benefit of the platform applied to your data challenge by the most experienced users of the platform, along with valuable insight into your data.

We’ve helped:

  • A global NGO develop geographically optimized intervention strategies for improved human health, using data science repurposed from music and protein sequencing.
  • Researchers work toward a cure for Multiple Sclerosis by integrating and analyzing data from an ever-growing repository of research studies and viewing that data as if it were coherent data sets about individual patients.
  • Healthcare workers design personalized cancer treatments based on massive amounts of genetic data instead of protocol for a particular type of cancer.

Check out what can be done with the platform, and let's talk about your next data challenge.

Here are some examples of the thought leadership coming out of our services team.

Matt Coatney TEDx
Matt Coatney, VP of Services, gives a TEDx talk on artificial intelligence as a force for public good.

watch »

Frank Evans TEDx
Frank Evans, Data Scientist, presents at TEDx on using data science to fix gerrymandering.

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Services Team
Exaptive services-team members win a Hackathon prize for their work creating an application with machine learning and medical journal APIs.