Empower your developers and data scientists with our rapid application development studio, or Exaptive can handle data projects for you.

Empower Your Team

Exaptive’s rapid application development studio enables internal development and data science teams to work effectively with the exploding ecosystem of data-oriented technologies.

  • Rapidly prototype software to respond to changing specs and new insight.
  • Reuse code the way you always hope to.
  • Experiment with new techniques without slowing down your project.
  • Build a stock of custom components and an internal Cognitive Network.
  • And, if you want, market code modules or data in the Xap Store.

Experts in Data Science and Custom Data Applications

We help companies in multiple industries solve their data challenges by building custom data applications – “Xaps” - that are easy to use and deliver insights from the volumes, variety, velocity of disparate data. You get custom applications at off-the-shelf pricing.

We’ve helped:

  • A global NGO develop geographically optimized intervention strategies for improved human health, using data science repurposed from music and protein sequencing.
  • Researchers understand and work toward a cure for Multiple Sclerosis by integrating and analyzing data from an ever-growing repository of research studies, and view that data as if it were coherent data sets about individual patients.
  • Healthcare workers design personalized cancer treatments based on massive amounts of genetic data instead of protocol for a particular type of cancer.

Explore some of the Xaps we’ve built for customers. Then talk to us about your next data project.