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Data Scientists

Go Beyond Reporting to Live Data Applications

Do more data science and less IT. With Exaptive’s rapid application development studio, you can use familiar data science technologies to create data applications – not just reports – to share your work and engage with others. And you don’t have to be a software developer.

You can synthesize data sets without massive data warehousing projects. You can run the scripting tools you know, like R and Python. Then experiment with different data visualizations – simple or complex – without having to code them.

Your work product is a live web application that is easy to deploy and share, securely if need be. When your work generates new insights and hypotheses, your team can explore the results dynamically, even run different scripts, and probe new questions that arise from the results.

Use your expertise, share results, and collaborate with easy-to-build data applications. Use data to discover and communicate more insights.

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