Exaptive Data Applications ('Xaps')


Writing Data, Not Just Reading It 

Combines text mining with interactive visualization that updates the underlying data, showing how a data application is distinct from data visualization.

SQL, Python, pdf, NLP, Google App Engine

Social Network Analysis 

Linking technologies from the back to the front end to access data, extra text, visually explore it, and export results.

d3, NLP, SQL, streamgraph, network diagram, pdf


Patient Stratification 

Interactive visualization on top of an open source database technology enables exploration of a multiple sclerosis patient population as individuals instead of a homogeneous group.

d3, tranSMART, network diagram

Linked Data in Healthcare

Clinical and genetic data sets from three research institutions viewed across multiple studies to identify patient cohorts.

d3, tranSMART, parallel coordinates

Science and the Cognitive Hourglass

A data application that enables the user to follow the data discovery trail as it unfolds, accessing disparate data via APIs and flat files and synthesizing it in the browser.

CSV, Perl, R, d3, PubMed, DAVID

Semantic Analysis and Social Media

A data application for the intelligence industry, combining interactive visualization and semantic analysis.

SPARQL, .net, d3, pdf, NLP, Twitter

Adverse Events in Clinical Trials

Uses Hadoop and interactive visualization to find connections between lab measurements and adverse events of clinical trial patients.

Hadoop, d3, parallel coordinates, histogram