The Exaptive Studio is technology agnostic - a collaborative development ecosystem that empowers you to make the most of your expertise, minimize the drudgery, and deliver impactful data applications to your users.

Enterprise Software Development Teams

  • Rapidly prototype software to test and respond to changing specs.
  • Reuse code the way you always hope to, without writing glue code or customizing from project to project.
  • Easily experiment with new techniques.
  • Build a private stock of components and Cognitive Network
  • Market code or data in the Xap Store.


  • Create more powerful software faster with the Exaptive Studio.
  • Focus on your expertise, without the drudgery of glue code.
  • Extend the impact of your expertise by sharing or selling your own code in the Xap Store.
  • Earn income without having to run a consulting business.

Software Consultants

  • Deliver faster - no glue code and higher code reuse - with the Exaptive Studio.
  • Win contracts with lower estimates and more powerful specs.
  • Use the Xap Store as another market for your work.

Check out videos of the rapid application development environment and some of the functionality that data applications built with Exaptive can have.  

“The Xap Store is a perfect way for me to develop modules and algorithms, using my background in machine learning, and then share them with other developers who may want to use them in completely new ways.” - Matt Coatney, who helped an NGO analyze a massive set of public health data with algorithmic components.
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