Combinatorial Marketplace

The Xap Store is an 'app store' for data applications. Software engineers and data scientists can share – and sell – the modular components and the data applications ('Xaps') they create. And they can leverage others' components and Xaps. It's a marketplace for creative collaboration with code and data. We've all heard of the sharing economy. Try the next step, the collaboration economy.


The Xap Store lets you contribute – sharing or selling – your code to the rest of the Exaptive community. Simply upload your work to the Xap Store and offer it for free or set a fee. From there, they can be discovered by others who are looking for inspiration, a shortcut, or a new and different way of working. Have an impact with your talent and passion – your code – without having to run a software consulting business.


Check out the Xap Store when you’ve hit a dead end, need inspiration, or simply want to engage in productive programming play. You’ll find reusable code from diverse languages and frameworks in the form of modular data, algorithmic, and visualization components, Plus full-blown Xaps that can be connected and repurposed with your data and your components for faster, more flexible iteration on data-driven applications.                            

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