Facilitated Serendipity

Welcome to the Cognitive Network, a community of Exaptive users sharing expertise and perspective. This community, along with the Xap Store, is what takes Exaptive from a productivity platform to an innovation ecosystem. Exaptive community members contribute to a knowledge base of data, algorithms, and visualizations and how they’ve been used together. As the community and its work grows, the Cognitive Network contains more cross-disciplinary insight into working with data and how new techniques could reveal new paths for your work. 


Users search for and receive suggestions about what components or Xaps are frequently connected to what they are working on. Importantly, the Cognitive Network can share who created the components. By facilitating introductions, instead of relying on serendipity, it brings people together across disciplines and silos to see problems in new ways. If distributed computing was the last great innovation in compution, we believe distributed cognition will be the next.

In addition to the wider Exaptive community, we can also build a private Cognitive Network for your team, company, or consortium.

"The Exaptive platform, when coupled with what we’ve already got in place at the library, will allow us to move further and faster in helping to evolve ideas into new knowledge.”  Carl Grant, associate dean of knowledge services and chief technology officer at the University of Oklahoma Libraries