Build more powerful tools, reuse code and rapidly prototype more easily. Our technology-agnostic, modular platform is a faster, more flexible way to explore data and deploy data applications.

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Combinatorial Marketplace

The “app store for data science,” the Xap Store, where coders and data scientists share and sell their work and find others’ for productive experimentation.

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Facilitated Serendipity

Join our Cognitive Network. Exaptive makes unexpected introductions to new techniques and people across our community to accelerate discovery and lead to Aha! moments.

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Big breakthroughs happen in the sweet spot between computing power and human creativity.
The biggest breakthroughs in one field are often inspired by insight from other fields.
Interoperability, modularity, and community lead to more “Aha!” moments.


  • A rapid application development platform for data science that is modular, technology agnostic, and scalable. Go beyond dashboards with data-driven applications .
  • A combinatorial marketplace, the Xap Store, for sharing and selling data applications and code modules – the ultimate in repurposing code.
  • A multidisciplinary user community connected by a Cognitive Network that “facilitates serendipity,” leading to breakthrough perspectives, unexpected collaborations, and faster discovery.

Web platforms have transformed how we get a ride, find new music, and book travel. Exaptive is transforming how we discover new insights.

Find out here what makes us “innovative, impactful, and intriguing.”